Indoor Sparklers


Who doesn't think about fireworks when it comes to celebrations? My event is inside you say, not a problem! These indoor sparklers will light up your event and get that celebration started. Not to mention a fantastic background for some memorable photos.


Dancing on the Clouds


Your first dance with the love of your life, the moment you have always dreamed of. You'll both be dancing on the clouds. How is that possible you say? It is and we can make it happen. The dancing on the clouds feature creates such a beautiful romantic scene for your first dance.


Digital Monogram


A Custom Monogram designed accordingly to the events theming with the couple/guest of honors name(s) illuminated in lights, for all to see. We have the ability to completely animate your Digital Monogram.

Beautiful ballroom decorated with flower



Did you find the perfect venue but you just need some finishing touches? Uplighting will add that perfect touch. The uplighting can transform he enitre look of a room! More than one color option available.

wedding setup

Multimedia Productions


Want to show your most memorable moments on the big screen? We have the big screen TVs to do it. You can add a personal touch to your celebration that you and your guests will love.


Photo Booth


Selfie Time! What's more fun than having pictures of your friends and family dressed to impress and having fun. Photo booths are a hit! Guests love getting some pics to take home and you'll love checking out the photos they took. Unlimited prints you can't go wrong. Props are included.


Intelligent Dance Lighting


Light up your dance floor with our intelligent moving lights. Similar to concert lighting these impressive moving fixtures put on a show. Emitting powerful L.E.D. light our fixtures are capable of many variations. Slow background ambience, spotlights, custom name display, strobing and colorful dance scenes. These intelligent lights do it all.


All of the enhancements above can be personalized to align with your celebration. You don’t see it on our site, just ask - chances are we’ve done it before and if not, were even more intrigued as we’re always trying to push forward.